FORTIN Zuul+ Plus - Noise Gate - Blackout

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100% Hand Made in USA

Zuul+ Noise Gate - Blackout

Within the modern guitar community, the Zuul® has long been the industry standard for noise gate technology.

Within the modern guitar community, the Zuul® has long been the industry standard for noise gate technology. Here at Fortin, we are never, ever, going to rest on our laurels and are extremely proud to bring you the pinnacle of gating functionality for electric guitar – Zuul®+; the ultimate tool for signal control and gating.

The Zuul®+ takes everything that made the original Zuul® legendary and adds multiple new, essential, features. The first thing we wanted to do was expand the ‘Key In’ functionality (that makes the gate active after OD/Boost pedals, reacting to the pure guitar signal), Zuul®+ now boasts a ‘Key Thru’ (complete with ground lift switch), that eliminates the need to split the signal externally. We have also added all new Hold and Release controls that give you everything you need to ensure you have pristine gating response in your rig.

Hold – Controls the amount of time which keeps the gate open during brief pauses in the signal (from lightning fast to a long).

Release – Controls the length of time the gate takes to change from open to fully closed after the hold time is over – the “fade out” duration (between lightning fast and long).

The dual color LED that tells you exactly what is happening inside Zuul®+ - when the LED is green, the gate is open. When red, the gate is closed.

The ‘Key In’ features a buffered input that can take all you can throw at it; it just doesn’t matter if that’s guitar level signal or any other source. With this, the Zuul®+ seamlessly allows you to go from clean to high gain without changing the Gate Threshold knob. This hugely powerful feature lets you control the gate with any different signal that flows through the In/Out top jacks of the Zuul®+.

You can use the Zuul®+ in front of your amplifier (or in a series effects loop) in 2,3 or 4 cable methods.

Finished off with a durable black gloss metal flake powder coat with raised white cream gloss screening, and is, of course, proudly built in North America.

Technical Details:
Built in U.S.A.;
Highest grade materials selected for superior sound, response and reliability;
Industry Standard 3DPT true bypass mechanical stomp;
2CM, 3CM, or 4CM applications;
Key In /Key Thru so no need for an external splitter;
Ground lift switch for KEY IN/KEY THRU to eliminate ground loops in 3CM or 4CM applications;
9-12VDC center-pin negative (fully regulated) external adapter/power supply only (not included);
Power draw: 40mA (9v);
Pedal Dimensions (W/D/H): 4.4” x 2.38” x 1.06” (112mm x 60mm x27 mm) excluding knobs and switches
Shipping Weight: 360g;
Includes Fortin’s limited 1-year warranty;
Ships globally – all published prices are USD