DSM HUMBOLDT Simplifier X - Zero Watt Dual Amplifier/Stereo/Reverb

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DSM Humboldt Simplifier X

The SIMPLIFIER X was thoroughly designed and developed to fulfill the needs of guitarists seeking for versatility, flexibility, practicality and of course, the ability to get the best tones ever produced by analog gear.

Technical Information

True stereo (Two independent inputs)
3 different useful modes
No extra Y cables needed
Dual FX Sends/Returns
THRU jack for dedicated DRY AMP signal path
1/4 Outputs with Cabsim bypass
Two XLR DI outputs
Selectable AUX input for silent practice thru headphones only or send your auxiliary signal straight to PA using the XLR outputs.
Including a full stereo reverb, with mix control for each channel independently.
HEAVY DUTY custom made anodized aluminium case in sandblasting /frosted black finish
LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: 200mA / 9V center negative

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