FORTIN Cali 50w - Blackout

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100% Hand Made in USA

Fortin CALI Blackout, 50W, 3 channel all tube amplifier

We are pleased to present our newest weapon of sonic destruction, the CALI! CALI is an all-tube, 50 watt, 3-channel amplifier, that brings you sweet lush cleans to crushing gain brutality. The CALI features a clean channel, and two gain channels that have assignable VIOLENCE 4th gain stage from the FORTIN KILLER KALI ++ that can be added to either overdrive channels for more searing gain.  The CALI is an extremely versatile amplifier, with a nod to vintage British voicing, that also puts forth the blistering modern high-gain tones Fortin are known for delivering. Given the high-demand for the Cali and KK++ mods in the past, we wanted to cover all the best features in a single 3-channel amplifier, making it ideal for live use,  smaller/lighter-weight format, and all the best features from all the variations.

Fortin CALI 50w 3 channel tube amplifier overview:

3 channels Clean, OD1 and OD2 with active fx loop, 2 button footswitch.  Dual concentric GAIN 2, GAIN 1 and MASTER. 3 way bright switches for each GAIN 2 and CLEAN controls. Assignable VIOLENCE 4th tube gain stage for OD1 and OD2. Global SAT pull switch on BASS control for more compression and gain. Power amp section control via 3 way switches THUMP & HAIR that affect the depth and negative feedback. Dual bias controls on the back, with active SERIES FX LOOP and MAINS 120/240VAC select. ?


Front panel (L to R): Adjustable Viewing Indicator, Mains switch, Standby switch, Master dual concentric, Thump 3-way switch Presence, Hair 3-way switch,Bass w/ pull SAT, Violence OD1 switch, Middle, Violence OD2 switch, Treble, Bright for Clean 3-way switch, Clean, Bright for OD2 Gain 2 3-way switch, Gain 2 dual concentric pot for OD2 and OD1, Bright for OD1  Gain 2 3-way bright switch, Gain 1 dual concentric for OD2 and OD1, Input jack

Back panel (L to R): TRS foot switch, Send & Return active Fx Loop, Speaker jacks, Impedance select, Dual Bias w/metering jacks, Fusing, Mains Input, and 120VAC/240VAC Mains Select switch

Custom wound Heyboer Transformers, M6 steel laminations, Triple varnished, Custom fabricated mounting brackets, Self-lead secondary wires

2x EL34, 3x 12ax7

Shipping Dimensions: 30in x 15in x 13in @ 45lbs.

Made in the USA 

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