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FORTIN Hexdrive - Clean Boost/Overdrive

195,90 €

100% Hand Made in USA

The Fortin HexDrive® brings new tone shaping possibilities for today’s heavy musician!

Originally designed for, and only available within the Neural DSP’s Nameless Suite, the HexDrive® is now available in analog form!

The HexDrive® feature set appeals to every tonal connoisseur with a familiar, yet unique, combination of everything that is needed. The HexDrive® transitions from clean boost into overdrive that truly delivers the best of both worlds.

Drive the front end of your amp cleaner to at first, getting more of its natural character, and then at higher gain settings, kick the overdrive in for the perfect midrange push that will take your tone to a whole new level.

With a higher output than a typical OD pedal, with additional headroom and an irregular style of clipping, this pedal gives an outstanding blend of both boost and overdrive - all wrapped up in one easy to use pedal.

What separates the HexDrive® from other OD pedals?

- Before 11 o’clock, the drive control acts almost like a clean boost with no additional clipping
Not a regular tone control!
- Feeling more like a mid range punch control, at all the way off, it’s flatter, more natural - at half-way you are in the realms of a regular mid boosted OD, and at higher levels, that mid is pushed right forward while taking some of the low, flabby bass out making the HexDrive® the tightest OD pedal available today!

Boasting industry standard true bypass switching with top side jacks perfect for tight pedal board applications. Proudly built in North America.

Technical Details:
Built in U.S.A.;
Highest grade materials selected for superior sound, response and reliability;
Industry Standard 3DPT true bypass mechanical stomp;
9vDC center-pin negative (fully regulated) external adapter/power supply or battery (not included);
Power draw: 25mA;
Pedal Dimensions (W/D/H): 4.4” x 2.38” x 1.06” (112mm x 60mm x27 mm) excluding knobs and switches;
Shipping Weight: 360g;
Includes Fortin’s limited 1-year warranty;
Ships globally – all published prices are USD.

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