MONO Loop Ipad Sleeve - Civilian Series

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Colors: Jet Black, Ash, Gloss White

Interior: Ultrasuede liner, Smoke Grey


For many of us, laptops are an integral part of the creative process - both for creation and live performances. We designed the Loop Laptop and iPad Sleeves to complement our EFX DJ bags, providing a versatile system of portability and protection for these all-important digital tools. Add one inside the Kondensor Pack for those multiple-machine DJ sets. Or just grab one by the loop and travel light to that café iPad session. Rugged construction with a slim profile sized specifically for the MacBook Pro laptop family. Get to work.



You'll recognize the Jet Black Sharkskin™ material from our cases (a waterproof & super tough synthetic). The Duraweave™ Ash material comes from our Betty guitar/bass strap (an industrial woven textile). And new for the Civilian Series we introduce Gloss White to the palette (all vinyl all the time - think cat suit).



The steel-riveted corner handle on the Loop sleeves is made from reinforced military webbing. Low profile and rock solid. Two fingers are all you need to pull the sleeve out of a packed bag, or to carry it around on its own. The dual zippers allow for in-sleeve charging when not in use. Just zip up to the power cord. Particularly helpful for making a quick getaway.



A luxurious ride for laptops and iPads. In addition to a snug fit, each Loop sleeve features an Ultrasuede interior in Smoke Grey (the same ultrasuede used on our Betty guitar/bass straps). This super soft material is used in high-end upholstery and won't scratch, snag or pill, but will instead act as a polishing cloth to your laptop casing or iPad screen while in transit.

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