MORGAN PR5 Combo 5w - 1x12 Celestion G12M GreenBack

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MORGAN PR5 Combo 5w 1x12 Celestion GreenBack

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Descrizione originale:

So you have that beautiful guitar you’ve wanted for ages. You also have the pedalboard to go with it. All thats missing is a carefully crafted pedal-pallete type amp to bring the most out of your gear.

Morgan are an American firm based in California that make high end amps and cabs. This 1×12 combo has a Celestion Greenback speaker. Traditionally, they?re known for lively and vocal midrange character with plenty of sparkle and chime.

American dream

The PR5 is designed after certain American clean amps made back in the 60s. It’s similar to those amps in that it will work perfectly for blues, rock, country and jazz. It’ll also take all of your favourite drive pedals really well. This is largely due to the Celestion Greenback speaker that covers a vast frequency range.  Being a 5 watt amp, you can push the amp into slight overdrive, with that sweet top-mid presence.

Home & Studio

The PR5 will look and sound stunning in a home studio or even in the living room. It’ll also hold its own at small intimate shows.

This combo has Morgan’s Twilight finish. This has a classic, dark styling with a vivid black/white contrasting design. As we all know Black goes with everything and this combo suits a whole range of styles.

Type : Tube, Hand-wired
Number of Channels : 1
Total Power : 5W Class A, Single Ended
Speaker Size : 1 x 12" G12M Greenback
Reverb : 3 Spring with decay control
EQ : 2-band EQ
Preamp Tubes : 3 x 12AX7
Power Tubes : 1 x 6V6
Inputs : 1 x 1/4"
Height : 20.75"
Width : 18"
Depth : 10"
Weight : 34 lbs.