TOM ANDERSON Icon Classic HSS In Distress Heavy Aged - Ocean Turquoise over 3T Burst

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Serial Number: 05-31-20A
Peso: 3,29 kg

Strumento venduto con corde nuove montate e setup fatto!
Compresa di custodia originale!

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CHITARRA ELETTRICA Tom Anderson - COLORE Ocean Turquoise Over 3T Burst


Icon Classic HSS Heavy Aged - Ocean Turquoise over 3T Burst

Serial Number: 05-31-20A

Peso: 3,29 kg


Pure "iconic” styling—including 3 knobs and top jack—sequestering legendary Anderson performance.

We took the vintage guitar of your imagination and improved it



Family/Model:  S-Family / Icon Classic +3.254,00 €

Body Style:  Solid - Full-Size S

Scale Length:  Traditional (25 1/2-inch)

Body Wood:  Alder

Finishing Options:  In-Distress Level 3: More Extreme Aging and Checking Paint and Rub-Through +668,00 €

Body Finish:  Ocean Turquoise over 3 Color Burst ID3-DD +155,00 €

Neck Wood:  Caramel Maple, Rosewood Fingerboard +155,00 €

Headstock Finish:  Gloss Natural +103,00 €

Neck Back Finish:  Satin Natural

Neck Back Shape: Even-Taper +.030 inch

Nut Width:  1 11/16-inch

Frets:   Jumbo

Bridge:   Vintage Tremolo

Tuners:   Locking

Hardware Color:  Nickel

Neck Pickup:  SC1 (Coffee Dipped (Off White) Cover)

Middle Pickup:  SC1 (Coffee Dipped (Off White) Cover)

Bridge Pickup:  HC2 (Raw Nickel Cover) +27,00 €

Pickguard:  Tortoise Shell +62,00 €

Switching:  5-Way, 3 Knob, Top Jack: 3 = M, N+B with Split

Knob Color:  Off White - with numbers

Switch Tip:  Off White

String Gauge:  .010-.046 Elixir® Strings

Case:   Super Deluxe Hard Gig Bag +149,00 €



Nowhere near a copycat of any kind, Icon lifts you on wings of unprecedented playability, tonality and resonance that are really astounding. Giant vintage tones resound beyond normal expectations and unlimited string bends abound—push ‘em as far as you can push—still ringing out.So truly satisfying to play!Yes, Icon is in production and it is magnificent. It is the no compromise vintage guitar. But Icon does it in a totally iconic way, and with no vintage compromises. Icon has the look but not the limited playability, so all the Anderson attributes are soundly intact with the vintage visual attractions of:

• Full-sized S-style body silhouette

• Top Jack

• Three numbered knobs

• One rear strap button


So you could say: Icon looks just right and plays just right. And almost every Anderson option is available, as long as it does not alter the time-honored look. Another interesting aspect of Icon is that many are ordered with Satin Finishes. We have the smoothest Satin finishes in all the colors. But if your preference is a shimmering shine we have all those wonderful Gloss colors as well. What is the one color that you have always imagined yourself holding? And what is the best part of dreams? It is the moment you awaken to find that reality now exceeds them.