TOM ANDERSON Angel HH - Natural Black Burst

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Serial Number: 06-16-20P
Peso: 3,62 kg

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CHITARRA ELETTRICA Tom Anderson - COLORE Nero / Natural Black Burst


Angel HH - Natural Black Burst

Serial Number: 06-16-20P

Peso: 3,62 kg


24 frets of pure Anderson Magic and super-fast playability

Anderson magnificence in a 24 fret format of pure playing performance. Angel is crowned and enlivened by its gorgeous maple, koa or walnut top.



Family/Model:  Angel-Family / Angel +4.094,00 €

Body Style:  Solid

Scale Length:  Traditional (25 1/2-inch)

Body Wood:  Quilt Maple Top on Mahogany +618,00 €

Finishing Options:  Gloss: Beautiful High Gloss Finish

Body Finish:  Natural Black Burst with Binding

Body Back Color:  Natural Back +206,00 €

Neck Wood:  Maple, Rosewood Fingerboard

Headstock Finish:  Gloss Black +103,00 €

Neck Back Finish: Satin Natural

Neck Back Shape: Even-Taper

Nut Width:  1 11/16-inch

Frets:   Heavy

Bridge:   Vintage Tremolo

Tuners:   Locking

Hardware Color:  Black +206,00 €

Neck Pickup:  HC1+ (Raw Nickel Cover) +27,00 €

Middle Pickup:  none

Bridge Pickup:  HC3+ (Raw Nickel Cover) +27,00 €

Switching:  5-Way for 2 pickups: 3 = Series, Split

SW Tip:   Off White

String Gauge:  .010-.046 Elixir® Strings

Case:   Super Deluxe Hard Gig Bag +149,00 €



Angel - 24 frets of unparalleled playing performance, crowned and accentuated by a gorgeous maple, koa…top. And now: with either a 25 1/2-inch (traditional) scale length or shorter 24 3/4-inch—affectionately called Li’l Angel.


Angel is:

• 24 frets of super-fast playability.

• Gorgeous exotic wood-topped body.

• Unique Angel body silhouette for easy access to the upper most frets and beautifully balanced playability.

• Comfortably sculpted front and back contours.

• Angel - 25 1/2-inch scale length (traditional)

• Li’l Angel (pronounced Little Angel) shorter 24 3/4-inch scale length.

• Arc Angel - Li’l Angel specifically equipped with Mahogany body back and Mahogany neck back.

*(yes, just like Cobra T and Cobra S for the T & S families and Superbird for the Raven-family)


For those of you who know our guitar models well, think of Angel as a Drop Top with a full four-octave range—2 on the high E string.


But that is just the beginning.


24 frets: Completely designed and aligned to be a 24 fret "angel" of a guitar with unparalleled abilities. We gorgeously shaped and balanced the body to allow extended access to the upper frets, via deeper body cut-aways and longer horns.


Neck Playing Performance: As with all Anderson Guitars, Angel is endowed with the best playing guitar necks—Anderson’s legendary, super-fast and ultra-easy playability in a medley of back shapes. Easy to fly.


2 Scale Lengths: And just like our Drop Top, Angel is now available in two scale-lengths:

• Traditional 25 1/2-inch - Angel

• Shorty 24 3/4-inch - Li’l Angel


Both instruments specifically created and optimized for their particular scale length.


No Pickup Rings, Great Tone: The absence of pickup rings contributes to Angel's more modern, clean lines but (as with most everything here at Anderson) also serves a higher purpose of elevated performance. No pickup ring styling enables the neck pickup to nestle nearer the 24th harmonic for the richest “24” neck tone obtainable. Lush.


Pickups & Switching: All Anderson pickups and pickup layouts are available for Angel so you can outfit as you prefer and access all your favorite electric guitar tones—and much more—via our familiar and intuitive, multi-dimensional, 5-Way, 3-Way or Switcheroo switching setups, which easily brings all sounds you could ever imagine under your command.