KOCH Jupiter 45 Head - 45w - Black Edition

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The Koch Jupiter is a 45 Watt boutique, vintage style head, which is equally at home in live, recording or rehearsal sessions. This unique tone classic features independent volume and gain controls for both the Clean (Cool) and Overdrive (Hot) channels. The Overdrive (hot) features a Boost which gives the Jupiter three channels. The shared EQ section (Bass, Middle, Treble) can be further sculpted with the Contour Switch, allowing either a warm, mid-rich vintage tone, or a scooped, more modern and open sound.


The Koch Jupiter Head comes with a two-button footswitch with another unique feature. The left button switches between the Cool and Hot Channels, while the right button can be set to turn either the Channel 2 Boost on/off, or the Reverb on/off, allowing you full control over your sound…right at your feet!


Further features of the Jupiter include the Dimmer Control which acts as an attenuator to allow you real tube-saturated tube tone at any volume; ront-mounted Reverb control; 4, 8, and 16 Ohm Speaker Outputs; and Speaker-emulated Direct Output with Passive Filtering. Finally, there is a buffered effects loop to allow the addition of your favourite pedals or effects units.


The Jupiter was designed as a player’s amp, with as much tonal control and flexibility as possible in a compact, lightweight head. From the bell-like clean tones to the punchy yet dynamic overdrive channels, the Jupiter delivers pure vintage tone.



Unique 45Watts amp design with ATR©Technology and dimmer control for tube saturated tube tone at any volume

2 x 12AX7 in pre-amp and poweramp

Three foot-switchable channels:

Clean, Overdrive and High-gain overdrive

Two sets of independant gain and volume controls

Three band EQ with contour switch

4, 8, and 16 Ohm speaker outputs

Buffered effects loop

Speaker-emulated output with passive filter

Spring type reverb with front mounted control

Two button footswitch (included) with:

- Channel select

- Gain Boost or Reverb on/off

(Selectable on back panel)

Weight 11 Kg