NOBELS ODR Mini - Mini Natural Overdrive

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The ODR-mini delivers creamy, natural overdrive – Everything from pushed clean amp tones to gain filled stacks! It has the same tones as its legendary brother – the ODR-1. You‘ll love the warm mid-gain tones for rock and blues, and the screaming hard rock sounds from the ODR-1 Mini. Plus the mini features true-bypass switching, the SPECTRUM pot with mid-click, fluorescent pointers on the “GitD“ – knobs (Glow-in-the-Dark). Guaranteed to be a BIG part of your sound while a small part of your pedal board.


Electr. stab. power supply 9-18 Volt DC, min. 100 mA, 2.1 mm plug, center negative, (optional)


Effect-Type: Overdrive


Mono/Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out

Control: Drive, Tone, Level

Bypass Modus: True Bypass

9-18 Volt, center negative

25 mA

Dimensions (BxLxH / mm): 42 x 93 x 50

Weight: 175 gr

Country of origin: China

Solid metal housing

Low current consumption

inkl. tape

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