BEETRONICS Vezzpa - Analog Octave Stinger Fuzz

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BEETRONICS Vezzpa - Analog Octave Stinger Fuzz

Analog Octave Fuzz

Nasty, modern Fuzz with agressive High-Octave

Controls: Master Volume, Sustain

Sustain control: from "spitty fuzz" to "gated super high gain fuzz"


FUZZZZ: big wall of fuzz, great for riffs and power chords

STINGER: aggresive, modern high-octave fuzz for solos and licks

Multi function switch operation (on/off, mode switching, momentary function)

Creative Wah-/Whammy-Sounds with momentary-switch-operation

2 status LEDs, one for each mode

Unique eye-catching design

Small “Babee Series” pedalboard footprint

9-volt DC, Center Negative, 36 mA

Power Supply not included

Made in California, USA


As the name states this is no ordinary bee. It’s actually a wasp, a nasty and agressive one with an opamp heart that can produce an extreme high pitched buzz.


On FUZZZZ mode you get a big wall of fuzz, great for the coolest riffs and power chords.

Turn down the SUSTAIN control to get a spitty fuzzing tone, or turn it up for a gated super high gain fuzz.


On STINGER mode this wasp gets agressive, bringing up the high octave and cutting through the mix. Harmonics on crack best defines it!


Its multi function switch allows you to select between the modes or access them momentarily giving you multiple options to buzz.


Bee ready to get high on honey tones!

Specifiche Tecniche:

Dimensions and power consumption:

  • 5,7 x 11,4 x 5,7 cm (W x D x H)
  • 36 mA


In the box:

  • Beetronics Vezzpa
  • Manual
  • Sticker
  • Guitar pick
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