YAMAHA HPH-100 - Black

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Comfortable closed headphones with a pleasing sound quality, delivering powerful sound and rich tone




Comfortable fit and high-quality, dynamic sound, with the rich tone color unique to closed headphones

HPH-100 headphones deliver quality sound with a carefully balanced bass and treble that is intensely satisfying to the listener, whether playing back recorded media or performing on a digital instrument. As a further encouragement to musicians the HPH-100 utilizes a single-cable configuration that prevents annoying clutter around the player's neck.


Comfortable listening for extended periods

Featuring a swivel mechanism that allows the driver unit to turn 90 degrees to fit the angle of your ears, and a headband that allows smooth adjustment of its length, HPH-100 earphones are designed to provide a comfortable, stress-free listening experience, hour after hour.


Compact, fashionable design available in black or white to match your instrument

Available in black or white to match your musical instrument, and featuring the Yamaha logo on the housing and headband.


Single cable configuration and a stereo plug for easy, convenient connection

The single 2-meter cable configuration of the HPH-100 ensures stress free performance and allows easy connection to your musical instrument. The HPH-100 comes with a detachable standard 6.3 mm standard stereo cable for easy connection to a range of instruments, and features durable gold-plated plugs on all connectors.



Headphones / Earphones


Driver Type Dynamic, closed back

Driver Unit Φ40 mm

Impedance 46 ohms

Maximum Input 1,000 mw

Sound Pressure Level 103 dB

Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Weight (with Cable) 148 g with cable

Cable Length 2.0 m (Single Cable)

Connectors 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo, 6.3 mm (1/4") stereo

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