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EASTMAN USA by D'AMBROSIO DC '62 Double Cut - Candy Apple Red - IN ARRIVO!

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Strumento venduto con corde nuove montate e setup fatto!
Compresa di astuccio rigido originale Eastman TKL Custom!

EASTMAN USA by D'AMBROSIO DC '62 Double Cut - Candy Apple Red


200 STRUMENTI PRODOTTI da Otto D'Ambrosio in California, USA

“Salt Air, Dry Brush, Ocean Waves, Misted Forests, Weathered Boulders. Our home, California, inspires the design that sculpts the shape and timber that make D’Ambrosio Series.”

DC'62 - Candy Apple Red

Specifiche Tecniche:

  • Series: D'Ambrosio Series
  • Body Wood: Sandblasted Roasted Oregon Phoenix Pine
  • Body Style: Double Cutaway
  • Body Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer
  • Neck Wood: Flat Sawn Oregon Roasted Maple
  • Fingerboard: Madagascar Rosewood
  • Neck Shape: Medium Round
  • Headstock: Flat Sawn Oregon Roasted Maple
  • Nut: Handcut Unbleached Bone
  • Nutwidth: 1 11/16"
  • Scale Length: 25.5"
  • Number of Frets: 24
  • Neck Plate: Mcmaster Carr Brass, Serial Number Engraved
  • Bolt on System: Patented Long Tenon 2 Bolt Neck System
  • Neck Finish: Handrubbed Gun Metal Oil
  • Position Inlays: Clay Vintage Dots
  • Neck Pickup: Special Sixty-Four Set - Neck Staggered
  • Middle Pickup: Special Sixty-Four Set - Middle Staggered
  • Bridge Pickup: Special Sixty-Four set - Bridge Staggered
  • PU Switch: Schaller MegaSwitch S+T 5 Way
  • Volume Pot: CTS 450S4071 250K Audio Pot
  • Tone Pot: CTS 450S4071 250K Audio Pot
  • Capacitor: Orange Drop .022 Sprague
  • Pickup Configuration: 5-Way
  • Controls: Master Volume, Bridge Tone, Mid & Neck Tone
  • Wire: Gavitt Single Conductor White Vintage Cloth
  • Bridge: MannMade USA 202030 Nickel
  • Tuners: Gotoh SDS510-05M-XN HAP-M
  • Input: Switchcraft L11
  • Strap Holder: Gotoh EP1-A Relic
  • Pickguard: GF 1964 Aged White/ #41 Tortoise/ GF Matte Black
  • Knobs: Kluson Antique White Skirted Amp Knob
  • Hardware: Nickel
  • Strings: D'addario NYXL .010 - .046
  • Case: TKL Custom Teal Rectangular
  • Colors: Candy Apple Red

With beautifully worn curves echoing the coveted coastline and a player-centric design, the D’Ambrosio Series may feel comforting and familiar.

However, these are unique instruments where innovation blends with tradition. When something new also feels reassuringly familiar in an old-fashioned way, you know you’ve found a new home. D’Ambrosio guitars carry on the heritage of matching California design with down-to-earth playability.

The Eastman D’Ambrosio Series, designed and built in California, pays homage to the enduring Golden State tradition of innovating right to the edge.

Introducing the FullerTone Neck
MORE TONE, More Sustain, More Stability

At the heart of D’Ambrosio Series design lies a beautiful innovation: the FullerTone neck. Envisioned and brought to life by master luthier and head of design, Otto D'Ambrosio, this completely new long-tenon, 2 bolt, neck to body connection redefines industry standard.

The body-to-neck joint is the most important connection on a guitar. It acts as a bridge of energy; transferring resonance, sustain and tone while providing stability to the guitar.

The FullerTone neck fulfills this ambition, securing unprecedented three-times greater neck-to-body contact for unhindered resonance transfer. The gracious body geometry cradles the neck in perfect harmonious position, secured by two machine-threaded screws locked into steel anchors embedded in the neck. The complete design is a fusion of old-world craftsmanship and modular versatility—the first bolt-on neck tuned to rival the sustain and stability of a set-neck guitar.

With the Fullertone neck, Otto’s vision for a guitar with seamless tonal continuity, from headstock to bridge, is fully realized; maximizing its tonal potential.

We call it T.S.S: More Tone. More Sustain. More Stability.

The Fullertone Neck is secured by two machine-threaded screws locked into steel anchors embedded in the neck.

Beautiful Tonewoods Tell Stunning Stories
Swamp Ash and wildfire-burned Phoenix Pine serves as the heart of D’Ambrosio Series.

From the ashes rises Phoenix Pine.

Wildfire-burned Phoenix Pine is one of two tonewoods that serve as the heart of D’Ambrosio Series Roasted Phoenix Pine, salvaged sustainably in the process of regenerating the Oregon wilds, is given a second life, with a controlled heat treatment granting complexity - modern era clarity with smoky overtones.

We sourced exceptionally rare lightweight Swamp Ash from iconic Southern wetlands, providing sweet resonance resembling the most prized vintage builds.

North American Hard Rock Maple forms each exacting FullerTone neck, undergoing our specialized curing to enhance rugged feel with modern snap. And nearly lost forever since a ban on export in 2013, legally secured Madagascar Rosewood makes its return to offer the fretboards its trademarked deep colors and articulate voice. Like the great forests, the D’Ambriosio rises above scarcity through purposeful craftsmanship and conservation.

Our Thoughts on the Future of the Solid Body

For D’Ambrosio Series, we pursued only the best suppliers in the guitar-making community. Everything within D’Ambrosio Series reflects that clear goal; from rare, reclaimed tonewoods offering a signature voice, to custom hand-wound pickups eliciting nuanced tonality, to a new, unique design optimized for playability.

Guided by Otto’s discerning eye, we set out to create instruments of unprecedented beauty and quality. The D'Ambrosio Series represents our thoughts—both aesthetically and functionally—on the future of solid body electric guitars.

True to our ethos of uncompromising quality throughout, the D’Ambrosio Series represents the pinnacle of guitar achievement - excellence realized across each individual dimension through an ensemble of renowned masters...

Wildwood MF, veterans of the California guitar scene, lend their esteemed CNC-based woodworking talents while our nitrocellulose finish is handled by the legendary artistry of Martin Bravo and his son. For optimal warmth and articulation we selected revered boutique pickup maker Jason Lollar to hand-wind custom sets.

Expanding Tonal Options
Players can further shape their tone on the DC and SC models with a custom option…the completely unique and original Kingtone Classic tone control. This control expands the tonal options of your single coil loaded D’Ambrosio series. The Kingtone Switch gives you tones you didn’t know your guitar could make.

The precisely engineered Gotoh 510 tuners augment resonance via adjustable poles resulting in the perfect stringpull.
We traveled the world in search of parts as singular as the D’Ambrosio itself - such as the MannMade USA tremolo with Brass block and Halon's patented brass and stainless steel Vibrola tailpieces from Athens, Greece. Simply put - we left no vintage stone unturned to manifest modernist ideations. This uncompromising approach gives rise to a sum greater than its rarefied parts.

Crafted by Otto D’Ambrosio, for you.

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