MEZZABARBA M Zero Mini Slant Vertical Cabinet - 2x12 Closed Back Cab with Celestion Vintage 30 - Black

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The M Zero Mini Cabinet, 2×12 vertical speaker, Slant front and closed back .
The M Zero Mini Cab represents the 2x12 speaker with a sound "wall" really close to a 4x12 cab, but with smaller dimensions and less weight.
The M Zero Mini Cab will blow you away with its ability to create an impressive, warm, enveloping, and harmonically rich sound front. Ideal for use in combination with our heads.

Dimensions (LxHxP): 75 x 62 x (28-35)cm..
Weight: 27 Kg.
2×12 Slant speaker, Closed back
Standard speakers: Celestion Celestion Vintage 30
Standard colour: Black Tolex
Standard Grill Cloth: Black 

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