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MISSION VM1 GN - Volume Pedal Green

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Descrizione originale:

The Mission VM-1 will not suck your tone. Point to point hand wired, with tuner out and mute switch


The Mission VM-1 is a passive volume pedal designed primarily for use with passive electric guitar pickups. The potentiometer is sealed requiring zero maintenance, and is rated at greater than one million operations. The pedal is completely passive, needing no battery or external power supply to operate.


A loss of high frequency, sometimes referred to as tone suck, is often caused by the signal being split between the main and a separate tuner output. The resistance and capacitance applied to the signal chain as a result of the additional cables and components, causes a low pass filter effect which results in a loss of high frequency. The VM-1 resolves this problem by isolating the tuner out via a mute switch.


Mute mode is engaged by pressing down on the front of the pedal. This enables the tuner and isolates the primary output for completely silent tuning, and noise free guitar changes.

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