GIG-FX KiloWah - Wah Wha

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A versatile pedal with 4 onboard wah effects.


The Gig-FX Kilo-Wah pedal features a classic wah sound, the renowned Mega-Wah sound with fattened bass, wider sweep and boosted resonant peaks, an auto-wah and finally a funky note-triggered wah which is an envelope filter that actually sounds musical. The guitar effects pedal is activated by a noise-free, wear-free optically linked pedal mechanism.


Fed up with trying to master the wah pedal? Turn it on auto-wah and set the tempo as you wish. Don't want to be limited by tempo and want every note to be wah'd? Set the wah pedal to trig-wah and every note will trigger a wah so you can fire your synth player. Bypassed by FET Switch—no loss of signal or frequency response when bypassed.



All analog signal circuitry with digital control, crystal clear sound, no coloration

Easy to use. No programming or scrolling through patches required

Transparent bypass achieved by a FET switch. Open frequency response same as a true mechanical bypass, but more reliable. No signal drop or harmonics suck-out. Noiseless, pop-free switching

Reliable, wear-free, noise-free optical operation. Bypassed when pedal is all the way back

9V operating voltage, 20mA current consumption (we recommend using an AC adapter)

Will accept standard 2.1mm AC adapter supply plug, center negative.

Blue and red LED's to show modulation rates / status.

Compact Size: 9" x 4" (228mm x 103mm)

Lightweight, high-quality aircraft aluminum casting and rugged construction, only 2.3lbs (1.1kg). Patented ergonomics

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