FULLTONE OCD V2 - Obsessive Compulsive Drive - Overdrive/Distortion

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OCD – the number one selling boutique drive pedal in the world!

If there’s one drive pedal that can rival the legendary status and ubiquitous pedalboard presence of the TubeScreamer, then it’s the Fulltone OCD.


The OCD completely revolutionised the world of Overdrive upon its release in 2005, due to its supreme amp-like tone and feel, all crammed into a compact and affordable pedal. This allows players to get that highly sought-after harmonically rich drive tone and dynamic response of a cranked tube amp through any rig.


Its wide gain range and clever voice switch, enables players to extract tones ranging from low-gain blues crunch to ripping Marshall-esque distortion, all served with extreme note clarity, making this pedal the perfect fit no matter what genre you play.


Now, with the release of the OCD V2, this modern classic has got even better. More dynamic and organic than ever and with more natural note sustain on tap, due to its new and improved Enhanced Bypass circuit, will undoubtably continue this pedal’s well-deserved reign as the best selling boutique drive pedal in the world!

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